DC Thomson: home of trusted media brands

Today’s rapidly changing technologies are constantly revolutionising the way we communicate with one another. We exchange information more quickly and efficiently now than ever before.  

But at the same time, new platforms have given rise to disinformation. 

This is why it’s never been more important to use only sources of information that have proven to be trustworthy and reliable.  

DC Thomson is one of them.  

Why advertisers and audiences turn to DC Thomson:  

  1. We’re deeply rooted in local communities 

Many DC Thomson brands have been around for years – we’re talking decades and even centuries, in some cases. The Press and Journal, for example, marked its 275th anniversary in 2023, making it Scotland’s oldest newspaper.  

Like other beloved DC Thomson brands, its longevity is testament to its local knowledge and its commitment to serve its audience.  

This has led to journalism that has earned accolades like Scotland’s Newspaper of the Year and the best-selling regional daily in the UK. It’s no wonder it’s become an integral part of the lives of local people.   

2. Our brands are known and loved 

Some DC Thomson brands hold a special place in people’s hearts, like Beano. The world’s longest-running weekly comic has been entertaining kids of all ages since 1938.  

Aside from delivering laughter, Dennis and his ragtag group of friends have been helping children to improve their vocabulary and develop their reading skills.  

The People’s Friend, the longest running women’s weekly magazine in the world, is another beloved DC Thomson title. Devoted to quality fiction, it has lived up to its name by giving its readers good cheer, comfort and companionship through wars, disasters and social upheavals. 

For DC Thomson, informing audiences is just as important as delighting and inspiring them in their everyday lives. 

3. We’re adapting and evolving with our audiences       

Though many DC Thomson brands have been around for generations, they never stay the same. They’re constantly adapting and evolving in line with their audiences.  

This is why from our roots in publishing newspapers and magazines, DC Thomson has expanded to include other forms of media like radio and TV as well as events and digital technology. 

Speak to our advertising specialists to find out more about using our trusted media brands to reach more customers. 

Three ways we know our local community

Local media should serve local communities. 

That’s why at DC Thomson, we put the power of local advertising and reporting at the forefront of everything we do.   

Here are three reasons why we believe in the power of local. 

  1. A history of loyalty to our readers 

Across multiple publications, DC Thomson has pledged loyalty to the people and communities of our regions for centuries. 

For example, The Press and Journal has been the trusted voice of the north and north-east of Scotland for 275 years, The Courier has been serving the people of Tayside and Fife for more than 200 years and The People’s Friend is the longest running women’s weekly magazine in the world. 

During that time, we’ve never wavered in our commitment to tell stories fairly and accurately. 

Today, we’re still telling the stories that matter to our readers, whether that be through captivating documentaries, award-winning podcasts or interactive in-depth explorations of issues that really matter.  

2. Giving our readers what they want 

DC Thomson has a very loyal customer base and our printed newspapers still reach tens of thousands of people per day, while our online platforms continue to be popular and have a wide reach. 

Our modern newsrooms and investment in digital journalism has given us even more insight into what people read, how long they read it for, what they think about our content and what really matters to them. 

By putting our audiences and our data at the centre of our newsrooms, we can continue to dig deep into the topics that most interest and motivate our readers.  

3. We want to see our communities thrive 

The teams at DC Thomson are deeply embedded the local communities they serve, often living and working in those very areas. 

It means we all want to see our communities thrive, including the local businesses that are so often a vital lifeline for people in the area. That’s why we run events like The Courier Business Awards, now in its 11th year, which shines a light on fantastic businesses in Courier Country.  

When you work with DC Thomson you will not only benefit from our wide reach, but also from the deep understanding of our communities and the strength of our local connections. 

Want to find out more?  Speak to our specialist team today.