Why utilising all of DC Thomson media options gives you value for money

In today’s fast-paced digital age, effective communication with customers demands a strategic and comprehensive approach. DC Thomson recognises the importance of reaching a broad audience through various media options, offering advertisers unparalleled value for their investment. 

Understanding multichannel advertising

Different channels represent unique avenues for communication. Whether it’s social media, print adverts, digital promotions or radio broadcasts, each channel plays a vital role in engaging diverse customer preferences. A successful marketing campaign combines these channels, to ensure multiple touch points for your audience.

Advantages of multichannel marketing

There are lots of advantages to multichannel marketing. Firstly, it allows advertisers to connect with customers through their preferred channels, be it print, digital or radio.  

With DC Thomson’s strong local audience and trusted reputation across various platforms, we provide an excellent opportunity to engage directly with local customers. 

Moreover, a multichannel approach expands the reach, potentially introducing businesses to new customers who may not have encountered them before. This aligns with the industry’s ‘rule of seven,’ emphasising that a customer needs exposure to a brand at least seven times before making a purchase decision.  

By reaching customers on multiple channels simultaneously, advertisers can significantly influence their buying behaviour. 

Tap into DC Thomson’s media channels

DC Thomson offers a diverse range of brands for advertising, including The Press and Journal, The Courier, The Sunday Post, The Scots Magazine, The People’s Friend, MyWeekly, Kingdom FM and Original 106FM.  

The synergy of these media options ensures advertisers can craft a truly effective and far-reaching advertising campaign. 

While other media outlets might offer lower costs, DC Thomson offers value in the extensive range of media options available across various formats. Advertisers can not only connect with customers through their preferred channels but also capitalise on the power of repetition and diverse platforms, ultimately achieving unmatched visibility and success for their campaigns.  

Our account managers are also trained to make this easy, helping to connect advertisers with the right opportunities across the DC Thomson portfolio. 

Find out how our multichannel marketing can help grow your business. 

Five reasons why advertising on a range of channels gains success

Today, there are many different ways to talk to your customers and an effective marketing strategy will take advantage of all those different communication channels. Here’s what you need to know. 

What do we mean by different channels?

Essentially, by channel we mean a method of communicating to your customers. That could be social media, print adverts, digital adverts, newsletters, direct mail, SEO optimised websites, online articles and more. 

The best marketing or advertising campaigns combines several different channels to achieve their overall goal. 

Advantages of using different channels in marketing

  1. You can talk to your customers where they’re most comfortable, via their preferred channel. That might be print adverts, digital adverts or branded content stories, depending on your customer. 
  2. You can speak to local customers on different platforms. We have a strong local audience with a trusted reputation, including print, digital and radio audiences, to help you speak directly to customers. 
  3. You might find new customers. A multichannel approach can increase your reach. Using a different channel from your norm could help you reach customers who may not have heard of you before.  
  4. The industry often refers to the ‘rule of seven’, meaning that a customer has to see your brand an average of seven times before they’ll make a purchase. Reaching customers on multiple channels at the same time could help nudge them closer to buying.
  5. You can benefit from the power of repetition. The old phrase ‘repetition builds reputation’ is still true, with research showing that regular advertising boosts ad recall and brand awareness, putting your business top of mind when a customer is ready to buy.  

Take advantage of DC Thomson’s media channels

With DC Thomson, you can utilise multiple media channels AND tap into the trust we’ve built with local clients to build a really effective advertising campaign. 

Indeed, The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising reports that advertisers using multiple platforms, in newsbrands specifically, have reported market share increases of 87% and profit increases of 144% compared with non-users of news brands.  

DC Thomson offers a range of brands to advertise in, including The Press and Journal, The Courier, The Sunday Post, The Scots Magazine, The People’s Friend, MyWeekly, Kingdom FM and Original 106FM. 

Find out more about how our multichannel marketing can help grow your business.