Beano Studios to Launch New Kids’ Consultancy Beano for Brands

Beano Studios to Launch New Kids’ Consultancy Beano for Brands

Beano Studios is launching Beano for Brands, a kid-first consultancy for brands wanting to engage with older kids, Generation Alpha and their parents.
Beano for Brands will solve client briefs using unrivalled kids’ insight and market testing gleaned from exclusive qualitative and online research, content creation, and brand partnerships across the multichannel Beano portfolio or white-labelled for their brand’s own use.

Iain Sawbridge, Beano Studios’ Chief Content & Digital Officer, who will head-up Beano for Brands, said “Making the move from kids media owner to a kid-first consultancy is a natural next step for Beano Studios, which in just two years has reinvented the 80-year-old brand from a comic to an international multimedia studio; winning 14 major industry awards, an International Emmy nomination and launching, now the UK’s fastest growing kids’ site with a monthly network reach of 5 million”.

Hayley Granston, Managing Director, Commercial at Beano, added: “Understanding kids is at the heart of everything we do because we listen to them every day. We can help brands tap into the changing rules of today’s kids’ behaviours, and their role in the household, both in their native digital landscape and everyday life. We will help clients who need to engage with this unique audience by enabling them to ‘think more kid’.”
Sawbridge continued: “We’re working with a range of brilliant brands who came to us to tap into our content creation abilities – and were then intrigued by just how much more we could offer them because of our wealth of insight and award winning creative and technical skills”

Beano Studios has already delivered a string of successful brand partnerships, from Stella McCartney and Ted Baker, to David Walliams/Harper Collins and with YoungMinds; the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. This bold creative partnership saw Beano myth busting videos and quizzes about dealing with anxiety and starting secondary school for 11-12 year olds as well as character focused comic strips all focused on reaching the charity’s target audience in a fresh tone of voice.

Granston said “Beano for Brands will continue to work with brands that are obviously in the kids’ space – such as toys, gaming, publishing, and film – but increasingly we want to work with less obvious family brands that need to understand today’s kids to drive success with families, including everything from financial services, to technology, sustainability and cultural institutions.”