Unicorn Universe

Unicorn Universe

Do you know someone who loves unicorns, magic and fun? Unicorn Universe is the perfect place for readers and families who love being creative and using their imaginations!

Aimed at readers aged 6-10 who love friendship, trends and creativity. They’ll explore a cool universe filled colourful characters with unique personalities, designed to engage the reader and encourage reading, writing and drawing on every page.

Kids will love reading short stories every issue and learning all about the Unicorn Squad – Lexi, Nova, Luna, Phoebe and their lovable pugicorn, Comet – and their magical adventures, plus all their fantastical friends, from llamacorns to pandacorns!

Unicorn Universe is set one million galaxies from planet Earth, each ‘world’ has a fun theme, from the sweet baking world of Candyfloss Cave to Imagination Galaxy, where readers write stories, play games, do quizzes and colour in. Each issue is filled with tonnes of fun activities and things to do on every page. It’s all about having FUN!


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