The People’s Friend

The People’s Friend

About The Peoples Friend

The People’s Friend is the biggest publisher of magazine fiction in the UK, commissioning over 900 short stories every year, including many first-time authors. The home of great reading, the weekly title is packed with quality short stories, two exclusive serial instalments, cookery, craft, puzzles, gardening, travel and health.

There are also 17 “The People’s Friend” Specials every year, published three-weekly, which contain an inspiring, adventurous mix of fiction and features, and the fortnightly “The People’s Friend” Pocket Novels, each one a longer novel-length story in an easy-to-read, larger-print format.

For more than 150 years, the ‘Friend’ has produced content every week that reflects its loyal readers’ lives whilst retaining the traditional family values the magazine was built on.

First appearing on newsagents’ shelves in 1869, the magazine is known, loved and trusted worldwide, with readers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada as well as in the UK.

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