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The People’s Friend

About The Peoples Friend

Founded in 1869, “The People’s Friend” is the longest running women’s weekly magazine in the world. The first issue was dated 13th January 1869, and its mission statement was clear from the start.

“We intend that fully one half of the “Friend” shall be devoted to fiction… the “Friend” being intended for fireside reading, nothing will be admitted into its columns having the slightest tendency to corrupt the morals either of old or young.”

Successive editors have remained true to those principles and to the avowal that the “Friend” should be a magazine for ordinary people, by ordinary people. The “Friend” grew and thrived through social upheaval, wars, strikes, financial crashes and natural disasters. It continued dispensing entertainment, instruction, comfort and good cheer to its readers. The “Friend” became a constant in its readers’ lives; a true friend to turn to in times of trouble.

Today, the magazine is known, loved and trusted worldwide, with readers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada as well as in the UK. Aimed primarily at the over-60s market, it’s a magazine for people who love to read quality fiction, and who are looking for uplifting, feel-good entertainment. The weekly title is packed with quality short stories, two exclusive serial instalments, cookery, craft, puzzles, gardening, travel and health. There are also 17 “The People’s Friend” Specials every year, published three-weekly, which contain an inspiring, adventurous mix of fiction and features, and the fortnightly “The People’s Friend” Pocket Novels, each one a longer novel-length story in an easy-to-read, larger-print format.

“The People’s Friend” has a long, proud history. However it also embraces the future, with a popular Facebook page and website as well as a digital edition of the weekly magazine.

With its podcast, Reading Between The Lines, The People’s Friend delves back into its 150+ year archive to dig out wonderful (and sometimes weird!) stories; each episode, you’ll hear a story, and then some of the Friend team, archivists and special guests come together to chat about it. Available to download on Apple, Spotify and Google.

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