The stats are in! The Scottish Wedding Census reveals the true cost of a wedding in Scotland

The stats are in! The Scottish Wedding Census reveals the true cost of a wedding in Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland 11th January 2017 – Scottish Wedding Directory has today announced the results of The Scottish Wedding Census 2016.

In its third year, the Scottish Wedding Census is annually commissioned by DC Thomson publication, Scottish Wedding Directory, to give an in-depth insight into the trends and spends of the Scottish wedding industry.

Among the results from over 1,900 bride and groom respondents, it was found the average cost of a Scottish wedding in 2015/16 came in at £29,904.

The census found 74% of couples made a budget for their big day, with 53% managing to stick to their financial plan and 8% coming in under their set budget. Within their budget was the bride’s dress, with the average Scottish bride-to-be splashing out £1,389 on her dream gown.

For the I Do’s, humanist ceremonies overtook the popularity of religious ceremonies in 2016 for the first time in Scottish wedding history, reflected in the census stats with 38% humanist to 33% religious ceremonies.

Chris Phin, Head of Scottish Wedding Directory, said: “I’m proud of the rigor with which the Insight team conducted this survey, and of the context and expertise my team can put around the raw data. Stats like these are always there to inform rather than to override your gut instincts, but nobody else is doing this research into the wedding market in Scotland, and I can’t wait to see what companies do once armed with our full briefing on spends and trends from to-be-weds.”

Carol Prest, Head of Insight and Commercial Development at DC Thomson said: ““For each of the last three years, to-be-weds from all around Scotland have responded in their droves to the Scottish Wedding Census. Along with all the information on expenditure, we glean personal insights into each big day – from the desire to be married in any venue with a turret to the challenges of a bride with allergies to wool. For any wedding industry supplier this is a robust and valuable view of the market upon which to plan and respond to trends.”

More information on the Scottish Wedding Census is available in the Winter 2017 issue of Scottish Wedding Directory, on sale now (£4.95).