Puzzler Media to bring Candy Crush to print!

Puzzler Media to bring Candy Crush to print!

Fans of the global hit game franchise, Candy Crush, can now take the fun off-screen and apply their skills to the page in a brand-new, magazine, Candy Crush Puzzles, on sale 16th March 2016.

Lovers of the game will enjoy completing the irresistible puzzles, involving many of the iconic characters, as the reader is taken on an adventure through the vibrant Candy Kingdom. To add to the fun they can score points for the puzzles they solve. However, no knowledge of Candy Crush is required so everyone can engage with the characters and relish the triumph of completing the puzzles.

Produced by the UK’s leading creator of puzzles, Puzzler Media, in conjunction with King, the creator of the Candy Crush franchise, the new magazine replicates the fun of the game by combining authentic images and striking colours with all-new puzzle challenges.

Neil Flockhart, Managing Director at Puzzler Media, knew the puzzles had to do justice to one of the most successful gaming brands on the planet. He says, “We know the millions of Candy Crush fans across the globe love puzzles so we’ve used the best brains in the business to create some unique, never-seen-before puzzles exclusively for this magazine.”

King’s Licensing Director, Claes Kalborg, recognised the remarkable leap from digital to print “It perhaps bucks a trend for technology to be reversed this way, but it makes a lot of sense for these two worlds to come together and we’re excited about taking Candy Crush to the UK in printed form”.

The Candy Crush games are phenomenally popular and Puzzler’s Sales & Marketing Director, Lynda Newland, talks about teaming up with the creators of the Candy Crush franchise.

“King want to secure the best-in-class licensing partnerships and it’s a tremendous honour that they have entrusted us to deliver a complementary product to be proud of. We have an army of puzzle enthusiasts who are committed to pen and paper and we’re confident that we’ve captured the fun challenges of the wondrous Candy Kingdom.”

The magazine has a huge variety of easily understandable puzzle types including visual favourites such as spot the difference and mazes, all set in the Candy Kingdom.