Content Writer

Fifth Ring
  • Aberdeen, Houston or Singapore
  • Full Time
  • Fifth Ring

Job Description

The Job Description

In today’s cacophony of content, it’s imperative that our work is noticed. So for that, we need someone capable of writing content immensely well. We are looking for an engaging Content Writer to join our global content team and enrich our clients’ marketing activity. We need someone able to arrange all of the 26 letters of our alphabet in imaginative, challenging and thought-provoking ways to produce extremely fresh, creative and interesting content. And we need them ASAP.

The responsibilities of the Content Writer include, yup, you guessed it, excellent writing, achieved through exhaustive research on industry-related topics. You’ll be able to think on your own two feet, generating ideas for new content types, supporting public relations campaigns and proofreading articles before publication.

Ultimately, you’ll deliver quality writing that appeals to the right audiences, attract customers and build brand awareness. And if it appears that it’ll be tricky to do, we need someone that’ll work out an interesting way to make it happen.