Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

We have seen a positive movement with our 2018 Gender Pay Gap reducing to 12.89%, lower than the UK average of 19.3% (Median, ONS, January 2018) and an improvement on our 2017 Gender Pay Gap of 15%.

The UK Gender Pay Gap regulations provide a great opportunity for us to focus our attention on improving diversity and inclusion across our Group. As a family business with 1542 staff (50.2% female, 49.8% male), we take our responsibility to our employees very seriously.

In 2018, more females were recruited to our business, including to senior positions in several of our group businesses. However, our Gender Pay Gap continues to be caused by having lower female representation at the higher levels of our organisation and lower male representation in support roles.

Diversity and inclusion must be part of the way we work and these results help in sharpening our focus, reviewing processes and encouraging open and honest discussion. We remain committed to narrowing this gap in a sustainable way.

We are continuing to work to address the gender diversity in our workforce, especially developing our talent throughout all levels in our businesses. These things, coupled with clear targets to improve monitoring and reporting, will help to ensure opportunities are available for all.

This brief report sets out our results and I can confirm that these are accurate. As an organisation, we have decided to publish our 2018 results in June and concentrate on the improvements that are required. We’re working with staff on implementing action plans that will be tailored to fit each of our businesses, based on the results for each area, and will continue to report on our progress regularly.

David Thomson
June 2018