Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Across our group we have 1697 employees – 51% of those are female. Our recruitment strategy is to appoint the best person for the role, regardless of gender. We believe that all of our employees should be treated equally with the fairness and integrity that they deserve and, as a family business, we take the commitment to our people extremely seriously.

Our company operates in different sectors and markets. As well as publishing newspapers, magazines and books, we have diversified into media, digital technology, online genealogy, retail, radio and television interests, alongside ventures and investments. Ultimately, our business is about our people.

Today we have published our 2017 gender pay gap results. While our results are better than the UK average – our median gender pay gap is 15% while the UK national average is 18.4% – we’re committed to narrowing this gap. The UK Gender Pay Gap regulations provide a great opportunity for us to demonstrate this commitment, implementing key objectives to reduce our gender pay gap. We believe that diversity and inclusion must be part of the way we work, especially in terms of talent and career development, leadership and communication.

This brief report sets out our results and I can confirm that these are accurate. We know that we can and will now be able to do better to help all our employees thrive. As an organisation, we are dedicated to the steps that we set out in this report. These are authentic, clear actions that will enable us to work in an aligned manner and implement the sustainable change that’s required. We will continue to report on our progress regularly. Whether you are a current employee, or one who is yet to join, we encourage you to join us in realising this improvement plan.

David Thomson
March 2018